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5/5/23 Selecting my theme 'Food'!

Last week I presented my initial exhibition ideas to the Babylon Arts advisory group, from the feedback I have decided to select the theme ‘Food’.

Images of food surround us. Through my own practice and using the work of other artists, I saw infinite possibilities. Food can be used to symbolise aspects of our lives that are most important to us, evoking memories as well as smells and tastes, it reminds us of shared experiences.

Images of food can evoke fond memories of home and family, food is a symbol of warmth, safety and comfort.

I also learnt that food imagery is not just a language used by artists and advertisers, it is used by the masses as means of communication. We photograph, post, tag, and blog what we eat, seeking validation and acceptance from our recognised food tribe.

Food can be used as an enticement, a unifier, and a means to celebrate and inspire.

It became increasingly clear to me that food can be used as a direct representation of self and identity. Food images are rarely just about food, they are a fascinating language that once understood, can be used to help understand ourselves and other people.

I aim to curate an art exhibition that explores how food defines us as individuals.

In this preliminary stage I have been finding inspiration, next week I have planned a visit to the Food Museum in Stowmarket. The museum looks intriguing, I am particularly interested in how food stories are exhibited. The museum aims to explore where food comes from and the impact of our choices: past, present and future.

I am excited having now chosen the theme ‘Food’, I am hoping this universal topic will connect and inspire others!


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